14 Day Ticket Query

I have a question for any experts out there on how the 14 day tickets work.

Our flight is scheduled to arrive from UK @ 1745 on Saturday 9 April. Our departure is @ 1850 on Saturday 23 April. We are staying at Old Key West for 14 nights, which obviously gives us 13 full days and 2 part days (arrival day & departure day).

We want to be able to spend some final time in one of the parks on our departure day.

We have been trying to decide what to do about dinner on our arrival night. Obviously there are loads of options outside the parks at Disney Springs and all the resorts etc.

However, my assumption is that if we chose to eat dinner at, say, Epcot that night, this would count as day 1 against our 14 day park tickets and this would therefore prevent us entering any of the parks on our departure day, since this would become day 14.

Or would we still be able enter the parks on departure day up to the time of day that we entered the first park on arrival day?

Hope someone can help so we can firm up our first and last day plans.


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure once you enter the park to eat at say, Epcot that night it takes one of your days away. The tickets are not set up on a 24hour timer. Once you enter the park that day has been activated and its gone. So if you are wanting to enter the park on your partial last day you would need to eat outside a park on your first partial day. The resorts have great restaurants at them!

If that’s not right I’m sure some one with more experience will jump into the thread and let us know!

@mom2bret is correct. If you go into a park on that first day that is going to be day 1 whether it’s for 2 minutes or 8 hours.
You should find out if the UK tickets are like the US tickets in that they are only good for 14 days from the day of activation. If so, you should wait til your first full day to go to a park. If they do not expire, you could take a day off from the parks somewhere in the middle of your trip so you can insure that you’ll have your departure day available.

@mom2bret @disney1974 Thanks for your responses. This is how we thought it worked so nothing lost.

I’ve checked the brochure and it states “Disney’s 14-day Ultimate Ticket expires 14 days from first day of use” which I think confirms the same, providing “days” means “calendar days” and not a period of 24 hours.

Our original plan was to eat at Disney Springs but some friends are eating at Epcot that evening and we were considering joining them. Decision made.


UK tickets are valid for 14 entrances over 15 days. If you weren’t going to a park one day during your trip you could go on both your arrival and departure day.

However, by the time you land and get to the hotel you may not feel like doing anything anyway. If you do have that bit of energy then use the time to explore your resort or visit Disney Springs.