14 day ticket activation

I am wondering about the expiration of tickets.

We will go to universal for 3 days then to Disney for 13. I will have the water parks and more addition on my Disney tickets. If I go to Disney Quest prior to going to Universal that will activate my water park and more portion of the ticket and that will expire in 14 days. Will that also activate my park tickets or are they activated when I wnter a park for the first time? I am worried about them expiring in 14 days.

I was hoping to go to Disney Quest or maybe a water park on May 24, universal 25-27, and first park day on may 28. We plan to go to a water park may 30 and June 5 which is within the 14 day window if they are activated may 24.

Anyone know about this? Thanks!!

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Not sure but following as I’d like to know the answer too. :slight_smile:


Hi @deannabrowning it might be better to call or email Disney. A lot of the peeps on here do shorter visits but more frequent :smile: so may not have the knowledge for this particular question.

I’m not too worried, we only have 15 days, and then moving to Universal after that, so I just won’t use on check in day, we’ll explore DTD that day instead. (but would be good to use one of the disney quest uses that day.

What I have been told is that you have 10 park admissions and 10 PHM admissions so we can use every day of the 14, as long as only 10 days of them are Park Days. Doesn’t help with the expiration though, which is what your main concern is.

Hope you find some answers!

in short Yes the entire ticket expires at park close on day 14. First use starts expiry as its 1 ticket not 2. otherwise it could have 28 days access. Hope this makes sense

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