12 year old Eating Off the Kids Menu at Cinderella's Royal Table

In March, the highlight of the trip for my daughter was lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table. When I booked the reservation over the phone, the agent asked me my daughter’s age and I responded 9…which she was at that time. Of course, between the reservation and our trip, she turned 10. When we arrived at the Castle, I told her to say that she was nine in order to get a kids menu.

So now we’re thinking of going back in a couple of years, and my wife mentioned to me that she’s worried that since she’ll be well past the kids age cutoff, she’ll have to eat off the adult menu instead of the kids menu. She saw what I had that day, and would just as soon have the “Royal Chicken Nuggets” (as I called them that day). Would older kids be able to order off the kids menu? I’m not going to pass her off as a 9 year old; I just want to reassure her that she can have what she wants.

They will be happy to let her eat off the kids menu. Unfortunately though, since she’s a “Disney Adult” they will charge her the Adult price for those “Royal Chicken Nuggets”. At around $80 for CRT, those better be some savory nuggets. :astonished:

Frankly, I wrote the whole expense this year as the admission price to the castle with the food being complementary. The smiles made it worth it; the food, not so much. (Dessert was good, though.)

So for a long time - my wife ate off the kids menu and my son off the adult menu - so it was a wash. As stated above they will charge according to age - but you can get whatever. I find that most character meals - you are paying for the characters and the food is “just there” which I find a bit disturbing - but it is what it is. I rarely go into a WDW park meal with high expectations. Although the Princess meals in Norway was unexpectedly nice. The food was good (yes I like that kind of food) and the princesses were wonderful.