12 Days Solo at WDW - Overall Review Awful

I should start to say that this was 2 years waiting (due to a medical issue) & my 30th trip to Walt Disney World so I indeed love going but after this experience would probably not be returning for at least three years. Took 45 minutes in line just to get to the check-in desk for DME, then another hour waiting for a bus to go to the resort. Ended up canceling a reservation at steakhouse 71 due to the fact that there was no way I get there in time. Really enjoyed when it was extra magic hour, but the 30 minute is a joke as by the time you get in the gate then have to go to another area to have them check your magic band to make sure you’re staying on property you’re left with about 10 minutes before everybody else. The parks were way too crowded with visitors from Brazil, Columbia & Mexico and most of them refused to obey the mask policy. Line cutting from these groups was crazy & people were getting pretty angry (either you all get on together or you ride separate). The lines for food were as long as lines for some attractions, so ended up missing out on several for the food & wine festival. Several of the booths were out of some of the food that was advertised. Most of the festival merchandise was gone. The nickel & diming of guests has gotten out of control. Several attractions were closed & the bus system is beyond ridiculous (average wait time was between 30 to 45 minutes & one ride to AK took a total of hour and 15 minutes). Trash being thrown in the walkways due to lazy guests not wanting to walk 5 feet to a trashcan. Prices are skyrocketing for food & merchandise. People paying more attention to their phones then what’s in front of them. Hate sounding so negative but this trip the magic was definitely gone & it will be several years before going back. Just really disappointed with the entire vacation.


I appreciate the honesty!! While I love seeing everyone’s trip photos and such, it’s good to hear when WDW doesn’t meet expectations either. (Especially for the people who don’t get to go annually)


Hugs! :sleepy: years of anticipation. Then the letdown.

Agree we are a every few years family, so I like an honest review good or bad!

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Ugh! Sorry.

Bummer dude. That stinks.

I am not normally negative, but for the money that was spent on the Disney hotel, passes, food, etc., it was definitely not worth that kind of money. Maybe once they get all this construction & restrictions done, I’ll go back, but will try to find a time of year where it’s not feeling like your packed in like sardines, but rather more of off-season.

I’ll be posting reviews & photos of the resort and food that I took soon, along with an AMAZING review of my cruise on the Disney Dream. That is my biggest regret, not doing a back-to-back cruise vs. WDW.


I’m sorry, but like the others I appreciate the honesty. I hope there were some fun parts of this trip that you’ll look back on fondly.

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Thank you! I was supposed to go 2 years ago but ended up in the hospital with dual pulmonary embolisms (clots in both lungs), so the doctors said no to that trip, rescheduled to last year & Covid hit, so was hoping 3rd time was the charm. I’ve been during the Food & Wine festival several times and really enjoyed it, but I think I would go earlier during the event rather than towards the end. I realized that I set my expectations too high, as I’ve really not had this poor of an experience in a very long time.

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I was disappointed with F&WF last year. As you mentioned, lines were long. I waited 30 minutes in line to get the Rose Slush in France. And so many of the booths were closed. Thankfully, the rest of the trip went well. I hope Festival of the Holidays isn’t like that …


I’ve really never experienced this in the past for the F&W Festival, but am thinking of maybe trying another time of the year, maybe Flower & Garden Festival. Another downside to F&W this year was no Eat to the Beat concerts. Never saw Harmonious as it was took late in the evening and by 9:45pm, I just didn’t have it in me to deal with the crowds anymore.

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Flower and Garden is my favorite festival; the topiaries and garden arrangements are great to look at.

I’ve never paid much attention to the eat to the beat bands, but Element performed while I was there and other bands were scheduled other dates

What time did you arrive at the parks for early entry? When I was at HS, they opened well before the scheduled entry time, so we had even longer than the scheduled 30 min, and MK let everyone onto Main Street before park opening, and we were held at ropes past the hub until precisely the start of EE, so we had exactly 30 min. If you arrived at the turnstiles at the start of EE, you’re at a disadvantage to everyone who arrived early.

Just a tip on early resort entry - you have to get there 1hr prior to early resort entry. They’ll let you in to the rope drop line and then at 30 min prior they let you through.

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