12 days out... and panic sets in

So we’re heading down in less than 2 weeks and, it seems, every day brings another post or article about the most massive crowds of all time!!! Facebook algorithm not withstanding, I find myself preparing the family (and mentally prepping myself) to face these spring break crowds. Hey, I know it’s spring break - that’s why we’re going. But dang, so much alarmism. We’re staying on property, we’re rope dropping, we’re doing early entry, I have Genie + for every day, all my parks reservations are set, all my dining and activities are set, I have extra battery chargers… and I have multiple plans via TouringPlans, evaluated and optimized! Yet… I find myself a bit worried. I still haven’t figured out this whole “drop” thing with the LL or ILL, so I need to get on that. Anybody else feeling this?


It’ll be crowded, but, if you’re prepared, and you have realistic expectations, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

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GL! I really hope it goes smoothly!! The best advice I can offer is to really minimize your expectations. This isn’t the usual “You can’t do it all in one trip” reminder. This is a “You can only do most of what you want - if you are good at RD and planning”

I don’t want to alarm you, but if you are going in the middle of Spring Break it’s going to be should-to-shoulder people who delayed / canceled trips for 2+ years along w/ everyone wanting to “get back out there”


No advice but I feel your pain. We have 2 months until our big trip, and I can only imagine the crowds will just get bigger and bigger as we get closer to summer. At least you’ve planned, that puts you in a better position than many others. May the odds be in your favor!

true… forgot to mention that we will most likely break away from the parks just after lunch till a little before dinner. Historically, these seem to be the “crankiest” of times.


I think you will be fine. Just manage expectations and realize it will be crowded.
We will be there over spring break and my kids won’t RD. I doubt we will be doing many rides.

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Ok, my trip is in 2 days, and I am just now doing my TP’s because I have spent the past month trying to figure out Genie. I am really starting to panic!


I leave in 2 days, I completely understand! We are staying offsite but using Genie+ and will buy ILL if they are available.


I am on the same boat going around the same time. I am prepping me family now and we are going in with the attitude to live in the moment. We have great ADR’s and we are going to do what we can and just make the most of it.