11/12-11/14 Trip Plans, Some last minute Epcot feedback on crowds

This was a trip planned end of September, sort of last minute. I struggled with finding a good time in November(October was out of the question).

Our current itinerary is this:

Fly today - Get to Caribbean by 5. Kids can swim in the evening after a day of travel

Sunday - Skyliner into Epcot at 7:30. No Christmas parties at MK, no extended eveneing hours

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Magic Kingdom

The original plan was to do Monday at Epcot…but the TP crowd calendar is an 8 for Epcot on Monday, as opposed to a 7 on Sunday. Epcot has both extended hours and there is a party day at MK on Monday.

Will we still hit Veterans day crowds Sunday? We are not planning on doing the Food and Wine Festival, so will be away from that area. Have a 3 year old and a 6 year old. Would have no problem getting genie+, but I am tempted to just do Animal Kingdom if Epcot is going to be wall to wall. Its just their first time at Disney, and would like a more ride/character focused trip if possible.

If we are feeling really adventurous we may slip Animal Kingdom in on our rest day, but at this point, I don’t think its happening…

Thank you!

May try and write out a report once I get back. I love optimizing!

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With kids that age, I am kind of surprised you aren’t doing HS, between TSL, MMRR, Cars, Muppets, and SWGE, I would think it would be a better fit than EP or AK. (And I say this as someone who has EP as their favorite park.)

You are the 3rd person who has told me this…I was originally staying away from HS just due to overall crowd levels and my kids haven’t gotten into Star Wars yet…

Yeah, of crowds are going to be high, I can understand wanting to skip it. But in general I think for younger kids, after MK, HS makes the most sense.

I get wanting to avoid crowds. I just took a look at the Crowd Calendar for the next few days…and it is curious that HS is so high. But I guess Veterans Day brings them out!