101 ADRs Questions

Ok so its not 101 but here goes

  1. Where do I check for updates from Liners (or anyone) that want to release ADRs? Is it here or somewhere else? I have TP and Mousewatcher paid alerts going but i really (really) want to do my best to get those last 3 - 4 ADRs for the family (Space 220, Ohana, Jungle Nav and T-Rex).
  2. Any other places i should be looking for to watch released ADRs?
  3. Can I call direct for T-Rex reservations? I read somewhere you can. If so what is the #?
  4. Does the lack of ADRs mean the CC is going to be off (low)? Our weeks are estimated to be 3-4s but the ADRs are GONE.
  5. I read that for a large party of 5 (eye roll) sometimes it is better to ADR for 6 (even numbers make people feel more ?safe? i guess). Is there any fee to doing this (i.e., only having 5 show up for a ADR for 6)

BTW- it was a lot harder than I thought to get the ADR places/times that we wanted for our upcoming trip. I am regretting not doing a leading reservation. I really thought I would not have to do that considering our week was all 3/4s but based on what I did not secure today I guess I was wrong. and FWIW to get most of the ADRs i did end up getting I waited to talk to dining services for over three hours, who then sent me to guest services who called me back in 30 minutes. it has taken my entire morning (from 05:30 - 11:30).

Tables usually have seating for an even number of people. If it holds 5, it usually holds 6.
There is a no-show fee of $10 per person on the ADR, but only if no one at all shows up. If only 1 person shows up, then you are fine.

  1. Here’s a good place. Folks will often post that they are releasing ADRs. Otherwise the alerts you’ve set up is the next best.

  2. Not that I know of

  3. ?

  4. Lack of ADRs seems to be related to:

  • More travel

  • Not all ADR slots released at 60 days because

  • Staffing is still suffering

I do think there is an increased amount of travel that will definitely impact crowds. But I don’t think that’s the only thing at play. I don’t think levels of 3-4 are likely to be a thing anytime soon, but maybe :woman_shrugging:

  1. Definitely book for party of 6 if you have to. No penalty to date for showing up with fewer than you’ve reserved for. But can’t always add to your existing reservation.
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Yes, you can all direct. Their number is 407-828-8739. They are a Landry’s restaurant brand, so if you join their loyalty club you can also get discounts, and you can book directly and usually get a reservation even if the Disney site shows they are full. That’s true for other Landry’s brands such as Rainforest Cafe.


What do you mean? Are you saying that despite the TP prediction, you do not think the crowd level will actually be 3/4s in the near future? I am afraid of that…

Yes actually. That’s my own perception of how things will trend over the next months.

TP will adjust their predictions as the dates get close and, if you have a trip saved on the site, they will email you about the changes.

I’ve had my May dates recently go up, generally by 1.


I’ve seen that the DIS have a monthly thread where people post ADRs they’re releasing. You could have a look at them and decide if it’s worth joining so as to hopefully get what you want. (I’m assuming you’re not already a member there if you didn’t know about those threads).

You could check on Lines in the chat section. There might be a link to it on your TP dashboard. m.touringplans.com . Lines is a companion product from TP, and can be viewed in a web browser or by getting the app. It has a chat section, and sometimes users will post that they are going to drop an ADR, in case anybody wants to try to grab it by coordinating a time to do so. They can’t directly hand it off.