100% winging it

So due to the Boeing AirMax’s being grounded I’m flying out of Orlando on June 11th. I figured I may as well go up to Disney on the 10th and book a night at Pop for $153. So I plan on Disney springs on June 10 to take the kids to rainforest cafe or TRex.

I’m hoping to go to the Magic Kingdom on June 11th since I have three 4 day passport tickets from 1991 with a single day each left on them and no expiration date. I have to take them somewhere in Disney springs to have validated. The problem is they’re non transferable but there are no names written on them so Disney has no way of knowing who originally used them. I’m trying to use them for me and my 3 and 6 year olds who won’t shut up about Disney.

I won’t know if I’ll have the tickets until June 10th and I’m not paying close to $400 for 1 day tickets since I’ll have to leave for the airport at 5:30. Oh yeah, they also won’t let me make fast pass selections.

So does anyone have any experience completely winging a day at the Magic kingdom.

So with a couple little ones and just you, I actually think you would do fine. Have you used the modify and refresh tricks with FPP?

MK is the best park to do it in and shows the most success. So I think you could have a pretty great day as long as you’re willing to work the app. If there is any top priority ride that is notoriously hard to get (PPF, 7DMT), you can get to the park early and just ride it first.

Wouldn’t it be obvious that the tickets weren’t originally used by your kids since they weren’t alive yet? I’m not saying Disney won’t let you, but that may be a rub.

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Yeah, that’s why I have a backup plan. I’m hoping some combination of an employee who’s cool about it or them just validating the tickets are legit and giving me 3 current tickets. I would think common business sense would be to just issue the tickets. My now 86 year old grandmother and 56 year old mother who originally used the tickets won’t/can’t use them now. They’d at least make money off the food and souvenirs me and my kids buy.

I work the app. The first time I did it my phone died by 1pm and I bought a charging chase for subsequent visits. The only downside to me being the only adult is my 6 year old will miss BTM and they’ll both miss the barnstormer. I’m wondering if I can claim my son is 7 to ride the barnstormer alone while I ride behind him with my daughter.

It’s probably been 10 years now, so I don’t know if they have tightened up rules or anything, but my sister was able to take her kids using old leftover tickets from when we went as kids. Original tickets were probably from the early 90s also and she would have taken her kids sometime around 2008-2009. Tickets were much older than the kids. I’m assuming they used them for credit towards new multi-day tickets, but I don’t know for sure.