100 day blues

Yesterday was 100 days to go for me. I woke up feeling really depressed — and for no obvious reason. And I’ve been in a bit of a funk ever since. I’ve tried to figure out why and I wondered whether there’s such a thing as the 100 day blues.

Maybe it’s the weather — it’s cold and miserable outside. Not that I’d really know. I’ve been indoors almost the whole time.

Planning a WDW trip is such an up and down business. I have my plan now. I keep looking at it but there are no more changes to make. Well, not until FPP day — and that seems a long way off. Yet it seems difficult to put my trip out of my mind.


This happens to me every single time! It’s particularly bad for me this year since I have had resort reservations for Oct 2018 since Dec 2017 - longest planned vacation ever!! It also happens around 100 days. Then again around 45 days. Then again about 5-10 days after returning.

It helps to find other things in my life that I can look forward to…

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I wouldn’t say I get depressed, but I do get into a planning slump. I’m at one right now at 48 days. I’m done my fastpasses and am waiting on Park hours updates, which won’t happen until probably mid-April.


Reminds me of a phenomenon that I call “post ride depression”. The sense of depression you often get while waiting in line for a ride AFTER you got off another ride. It is an actual thing. The adrenaline rush you get from one ride tapers off, leaving you feeling rather mellow (depressed, even!) in the downtime of the next queue line.

In your case, though, I think it is more the excitement of the flurry of planning and re-arranging schedules and such and then reaching the realization that you really have nothing more to do than just wait. A bit of a downer.

It’s a tough place, that spot between 180 and 60

We’re here for you :wink:

60-0 ain’t no picnic neither! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m at 33 and loving it! Time to start getting ready to get ready!

There is, in my estimation, only one cure for the 100-day blues.

Plan a Disney trip for approximately every 90 days.

Given that there are now 6 Disney resorts, that means plenty of time researching and planning while you’re waiting for the next “gate” on the trip you’re “stuck” waiting for a next thing for.


yeah but wouldn’t it be better to be on the way? Or better…there?? :smiley:

completely off topic side note…why do we not have disney-flavored emojis here?

Yeah, I can see that.

But I do love the planning!!!

RE: emojis - I think because it’s a generic platform?

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