10 year anniversary dining help!

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in August and we are splurging! We booked 2 nights at AKL Jambo House by renting DVC points and I couldn’t be more excited! Post AKL we will be boarding the Galactic Starcruiser Aug 4-6th (this is actually pending reviews that come out in the coming months hehe).

ANYWHO, we fly in on August 2nd and will be going to Epcot for the evening. I will probably attempt to get a Space 220 ressie for that evening. The next day, August 3rd, is our actual Anniversary day and we are going to have a nice leisurely day at Animal Kingdom (the park). I assume AK will close at 7 or 8 so we are going to be in need of a dinner spot!

Should we take advantage of staying at AKL and eat at one of their offerings ( and if so…Sanaa or Jiko?) Are any of those places delicious enough to celebrate being married 10 years? and trust me it’s a celebration b/c staying married with a toddler and also during a pandemic is HARD :rofl:

Or should I be considering other options at different resorts/Disney Springs? If you were celebrating 10 years of marriage… what place would you choose?

We are typically eat at the parks people so I’m honestly overwhelmed by all the choices. All opinions welcome!

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Although Sanaa is always good (better earlier when it is light out) Jiko is amazing!


Jiko is a great choice. And you’re close to the room afterwards. :grimacing:




Jiko is definitely worthy of an anniversary celebration!!


This post has me questioning my life choices.

Friday, last night of our trip, I have us scheduled for CG fireworks dinner. That’s my birthday dinner plan.

But then Jiko opened up and it was on my pre-covid trip planning wish list. And a couple of weeks ago I literally stumbled upon a reservation for Friday night. So, as one does, I picked it up.

Then MK decided to be open until 10 instead of 8 on Friday night facilitating a post dinner hop to MK.

But I literally haven’t been able to bring myself to cancel the Jiko reservation yet.

But also I’m not staying at AKL.

Is it really so clear cut Jiko?


Where are you staying?

@trnickell27 is staying at AKL. So Jiko is the perfect option.

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Seeing as how a post dinner hop to MK is important, CG would work best logisticaly. Jiko is outstanding, IMO. Logistically, it’s tricky unless you are staying at AKL, have a car, or use Uber/Lyft.


I mean. The added hours at MK kind of sealed it for me - and I made the CG plans before I even knew Jiko was opening.

But if I could eat two dinners I’d be so tempted.

IIRC it opens the 17th and my ADR is the 18th so not wiggle room for earlier in our trip.

Absolutely two dinners!

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I missed this. OK this changes things a bit in favor of CG.

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I remember the first time I sat down for dinner at Jiko and they came over with warm scented hand towels- my first thought was “this place is way too fancy for me I don’t belong here”. Then, I had my first bite of food (wild boar app) and I honestly didn’t care if I belonged there. No one would be able to drag me out of that restaurant.


I think if crowds continue to be overwhelming, I wouldn’t miss the one last hop to MK.

Hm. I think I’ll put both menus and plans in front of DH and let him pick.

I don’t think I’d be unhappy either way. This is a kid free trip, after all!

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Oh it’s YOU that’s looking for the hop. I thought it was @trnickell27 and I somehow missed that.

YOU should stick with CG. @trnickell27 should do Jiko, no question

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Sorry. I jumped in. :grimacing:

No totally fine and appropriate!

My bad for reading while decaffeinated

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Whoa! This DOES sound fancy! The only negative i’ve seen so far in my research of Jiko is that a party of two can sometimes get seated verrrrrrry close to another party. And I don’t love that…

The only seating that is at all close in my experience has been the seats near the window (overlooks a water feature). Even those seats are not very close (I once are with a two year old in that area and no one was bothered but his pure joy in eating the salmon).

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