10 night itinerary

Going to disney world with DW, and twin daughters almost 5, staying at the swan.

  • April 20 check in early, relax at pool, leave for epcot 3:30, 7:30 la hacienda, (hoping to see fireworks from here)
  • April 21 leave for MK at 1:30 get good spot for parade, 7:20 the plaza restaurant
  • April 22 HS for rope drop, leave around 1, go to pool, leave at 5 for 6:15 hoop dee doo
  • April 23 8:10am akerhaus bkfst at epcot, leave around noon go to pool, leave 545 for polynesian for 645 ohana, go to beach for water pagaent
  • April 24 leave at 8 for 9am rope drop, leave around 1:30 go to pool, disney springs Paradiso dinner reservation at 7pm
  • April 25 leave for blizzard beach for rope drop, leave around 3, 6pm il mulino at the swan
  • April 26 9am cafe may cafe, pool, leave for MK at around 4pm, 7:05pm at tonys town restaurant
  • April 27 leave 8am for AK rope drop, leave around 4ish, head to epcot, 6:50 teppan edo
  • April 28 leave 8am for MK rope drop, leave around 12, head to pool, then epcot at 5pm, Via napoli at 6:10pm
  • April 29 leave for typhoon lagoon for rope drop, leave around 2 and head to HS, 6:30pm 50s prime time cafe
  • April 30 Garden grove bkfst and pool all day (i could do something since i dont leave till 5pm)

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated

It is so nice to have such a long trip scheduled! I hope that you take this comment the right way…but have you considered a date night or some other sort of adults-only time? I am sure that the pool will be welcome downtime for the girls, but unless they are excellent swimmers, I don’t see much rest for you and DW!


I have some grandparents that will be there for a few days, so im sure i can get away once or twice, haha

EXCELLENT!!! :relaxed:

You have some great restaurants on here :smile:
We have done:

Hoop De Doo
Ohana is one of my favorites :smile:
Cape May Cafe
Teppan Edo Is another great one :slight_smile:
Via Napoli (there pizza is awesome :smile:
50’s prime time :smile:

My family and I have done all of these :slight_smile: Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Looks like a good plan. My only comment would be that you have a lot of evening TS meals and I remember that when my DDs where that young it sometimes world better to have a lunchtime TS meal at the restaurant and leave the evening open. This meant we could be a bit more flexible if they were tired, wanted to stay in the pool or just not in the mood to sit down in a restaurant (especially when they have to sit down for a while to get a good spot for parades etc). I think your DDs will rally enjoy HDDR, 50s and Teppan Edo.

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I know i went a little overboard with reservations every night. I am pretty sure i will be cancelling 2 of them maybe 3. Thanks

I’m totally jealous of this upcoming trip!

As you mentioned in your last post, you may end up cancelling a couple of the ADRs. Around day 5 you may feel like it’s time for a little break from that.

Definitely definitely do HDDR.

The only day that seems little hardcore is April 27th. You’ll be going from very early in the morning until well after 8pm that night. I think you’ll be able to leave AK earlier and get some down time at the hotel.

I will be there April 24th and 25th. I will go to AK. Rumors are that Rivers of Light will start on Earth Day. You may want to stay longer there to see it.