10 days out is normally such a fun time!

Only 10 days to go and we’re at WDW! Normally I’d be bouncing off the walls with excitement. First time to see Star Wars. MMRR. My kids haven’t seen Toy Storyland. Tons of great dining reservations. Really what’s not to be excited about!

I’ve read everyone’s thoughts on Conronavirus here on the forum. I’m with the majority that we could get it anywhere. There’s already a case in my hometown in Canada. The part that has me scared is that we’re taking our 85 yr old grandmother with us. She adores our kids. She’s been talking about this trip for over a year. It’s usually the first thing she mentions to me when we talk. She loves Disney!

I don’t think I could live with myself if she got sick because of our trip. It’s going to be hard to have this conversation with my family. My kids will be upset. I know she’ll be upset… What a mess.

Wish me luck. (and a little bit of pixie dust)


Oh that’s so difficult. Sending pixie dust.


Were going in late April and I’m not worried about us, but my 74 yr old mother will be with us. It’s concerning.


Good luck.

I would point out though that even if she did get sick, there would be no way to know if that was from home or from WDW.

Personally, I would ask her first. And I think I know what she’ll say too.

But good luck, whatever you decide.


Its a hard decision… we had to reschedule a trip once (weather, not virus) but it was agonizing. It was a little easier for us, because the weather ultimately made the decision for us! GOOD LUCK!


I’m so sorry! I asked my parents not to join us and they were actually ok with it. Granted they have been with my daughter once before but I think they know they will get hit hard if they get it. Wishing you all the best! My DD and I are still going but I just switched from the GDT to one of the outlying buildings with fewer people!!! Saved some money too! now fingers crossed we still get to go (I’m only canceling if domestic travel is banned)!!!


Current advice is for anyone over age 60, or with other risk factors (immunosuppressed, lung issues), to minimize exposure as much as possible. Stay out of public places, practice social distancing, etc. Way beyond just “wash your hands and don’t touch your face.”

It sucks, but given the vulnerability of the elderly population to this particular virus, it’s the right call.


Yeah, I’m not as excited about this trip now as I was a couple weeks back. Had to advise my mom not to come with us. She’s okay with it but it really does change the tone of our trip. I sent her the latest advice on the CDC issued for people over 60.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.


I realise that.

My point was two fold. The Grandmother could get it from anywhere, and it just needs one asymptomatic carrier to pass it on.

And secondly, sometimes older people are much more liaises faire about these things. In this case, it sounds like she loves WDW so much that she will insist she is going. Personally I would let her decide. There may not be another opportunity for this trip.

Now @Disneydaddio might decide to cancel the trip for the good of everyone. That’s his call. Gran may not be happy, and for me that would be heart-breaking in itself.

Everyone will have different views on it.


Let her make the decision. At 85, her perspective and priorities are probably a bit different than yours.

And props to her for being willing and able to tackle a Disney vacation at 85. We should all be so fortunate.


Sending pixie dust that whether y’all decide, it’s a decision everyone is able to have peace with.

I don’t think it’s a one-decision-fits-all scenario.

Yes, her joining you would be against expert advice. But people do lots of risky activities every day. Sometimes you just need to live your life.

But, everyone could be less anxious if she didn’t go. And maybe a makeup trip later.

But, if she is insistent on going and you really would be overwhelmed by guilt, rescheduling the trip.

Not easy decisions. Again, hope there is one you can all land on.


Very true @gnrldsppntmnt
I suspect she’ll want to go no matter the risk. But in the end, it will be her decision.


I’d let her decide.


Ditto. My parents (late 70s early 80s) are in Florida right now, and decided to make a day trip to EP for the Flower and Garden Festival. We are talking about adults here, who are more than capable of making their own decisions based on their own priorities.


All Day hand spray on Amazon- it continues to disinfect hands like hand sanitizer through up to 10 hand washes. It sticks to skin cells and only comes off when they naturally exfoliate. It will work better than alcohol sanitizer because the instant you touch something infected after hand sanitizer, you are at risk again.

Does she walk the parks at 85? If so, awesome for her! If not, a wheelchair or scooter could get her some natural social distancing. At least be sure to insulate her in line and in crowds in front and back from strangers.

And finally, maybe carry extra packs of tissues and a ziplock to offer anyone around you in a line who happens to sneeze. :grinning:


My great-grandmother became much more lax about things when she got old, and she was spry. She didn’t go into a nursing home until she was over 90 and she used to talk about all those people there that just sat around. All her life she’d thought planes were death traps. She’d point out every plane crash that was in the news and talk about it. Yet when she was 92 and we’d moved 1000 miles away she decided to fly to visit. It was wonderful.


Would the All Day brand of hand sanitizer be effective in killing the coronavirus though? My understanding is that the sanitizer must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol to kill the virus, but this particular sanitizer does not contain any alcohol at all. It’s active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13%. Does anyone know if that kills this particular virus as well? I have a copy the “EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19” and this particular product is not listed on there.

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Speaking from the vantage point of the age group - with some of the co-morbities - that is supposed to keep at home right now: quite a few of us didn’t get here by playing it safe or doing what we should have done or by living without any risk. 85 year olds lived thru the depression, WW2 as well as the 60s and beyond.

Conversely: if the 85 yo stays home and falls - then what? Y’all are at WDW.

If I’m not actually spreading the disease nor overly demented, count me in as going.


@janamelia Thanks for your perspective! She’s decided to wait a week before making her final decision. I’ll let you all know how it goes. :slight_smile:


Are you telling me I can’t go???