10 day ticket or AP

We will be at Disney in October for 12 days staying offsite. We will probably be at the parks at least 10 of those days. We are planning on buying annual passes since we plan to return for Christmas and next summer. This is our first time buying annual passes and I realized we can only book fastpasses for 7 days at a time. Would it be better to purchase a 10 day ticket, book all fastpasses, then bridge the tickets to an annual pass? It seems like more of a hassle once we get there, but all fastpasses would be done before starting the trip. What would you guys do?

I would bridge them, especially because you can save ~$60 per person by buying 3rd party tickets.

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Yes, I would get 10 day tickets and then bridge them. It really doesn’t take long to upgrade, just avoid doing it when you are in a hurry (like for rope drop, come back later and upgrade). International Gateway at Epcot is a great place to upgrade, almost never a line there.

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FWIW, I bought an AP for the first time and was able to book 9 days of FP+ in July. Not sure why, maybe it has something to do with the length of hotel stay potentially? I was booking mixed FP in that 2 in my party had 9 day park hoppers while I had the AP. But had no issues booking 9 days at day 60…

Yes, because you were onsite and OP is off. APs can go up to number of days of onsite stay

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Thanks - figured it was something simple like that, but I was confused as to why it worked for me…

You can make your FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance of check-in for up to 14 days. If you buy a 10 day you can book all 10 days at once.

I keep hearing people say this, but this hasn’t been the case for us. We have APs and twice this year alone we have been capped at 7 days worth of FPPs despite staying on property. I must have bad luck.

If you are staying onsite with AP you should not be capped at 7, only if off site


I faced a similar issue, i am going by myself for my spring break next march then returning with my best friend in January of 2020. because i will be driving and not staying at Disney i did the math and it was cheaper to buy the annual pass in march before i go. i would defiantly get the passes especially if you know that your going to be going back again withen the same period of time your pass is good for. With the pass you will not have to pay for parking and will get discounts of food and merchandise as well as free photo-pass downloads. so overall the pass is defiantly the better deal.

I have bad luck or Disney hates me. I called and asked this specific question and they told me that I could only have 7 days. Twice. I’m glad other people don’t have have my bad luck.

Lib Square GS at MK is also never busy

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Thank you everyone for the input. Sounds like I should probably get the 10 day passes so I can schedule all 10 days of fastpasses and then bridge to AP when we get there. We are offsite so I have to wait until the 30 day window and can only do the 7 days of fastpass with AP.

Do we enter a park and then bridge to AP or can we do it before entering a park on the first day?

We are going to be offsite this time, so we can only do 7 days at a time.

One more question before we purchase…If I buy the 10 day pass and schedule fast passes for all 10 days…when I bridge to an AP will all 10 days of fast passes still be there?

If you buy the tickets through a discounted seller the advice is to use the ticket once and then bridge. If you bought directly through Disney (i.e. paid retail) then it wouldn’t matter when you bridge.

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer on the 10 days of FP staying there. I guess if you don’t know you could wait until day 4 to bridge, although missing out on 3 days of AP discounts would be painful…

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Yes. When I upgraded to Premier at WDW, all of my FPP remained. No issues at all. I upgraded on day 1, in the evening after arrival. I entered the park first because I bought ticket from Undercover Tourist and wanted to retain the discount.

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