10 Day park hopper question

We will be there for 11 days with 10 day park hoppers. We plan to take a break/resort day after 5 days and not attend a park that day.

Now I’ve watched a video that says there’s a new date based ticket system and I’m
worried I have to use the 10 days consecutively.

Anyone know if that break day will be ok? Or will I not be able to use he tix on the 11th day.

Thank you. :blush:

You have something like 14 days to use your 10 days. It could even be more days, I’m not sure, but you can’t definitely take your resort day and not worry :slight_smile:

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You have 14 days to use all 10 of your park hopping goodnesses. You should be fine!
Have a great time!


Thank you😍