10 Day FP Window and Availability

I am making 10 days worth of FP and I was wondering if the last couple of days of the trip, will it be easier to find availability since there are maybe less people trying? As in most people probably make 7 days worth at most, so will there be less of us trying to get FP for days 8, 9, and 10? Just planning my strategy for FP day! Thanks!

How many people are you looking for? My trip was only 2 people and I found all rides had availability during my whole window. I assume the more people, the harder to get all at the same time.

Yes probably, so if you want FEA or 7DMT I’d try for them on later days (and in that order). Nothing else should be too difficult to get regardless of which day it is.

2, 4, or 6 depending on the ride. What made me think of it specifically is Midway Mania on our 9th day, looking to get 2 at the same-ish time as 4 for RnRC

Also EP is day 10, so I’ll look for FEA if we don’t get one our first day. We’re doing pre RD BOG and will head to 7DMT after that so I won’t bother with that one.

I usually book FPs last trip day to first trip day for just that reason…likely to have slightly more availability further out.