10 Big Changes Coming to WDW

Fun article summarizing big changes (some still rumor as nothing official announced) http://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20140929/29338/10-big-changes-are-coming-walt-disney-world-september-2014-edition


Thanks @Sam2071!

Interesting, though can I just say I don’t like the top 2!

I’m a wait and see on Avatar. Not excited at the moment but hoping to be wow’d.

Interesting combination of fact and rumor. I am actually kind of excited about Pandora. From the released artwork, it looks as if they are concentrating on the “organic beauty” of Pandora, with little to no mention of the rather heavy-handed environmental morality play which drove the “plot” of the movie. I am 100% AGAINST the concept of making specific menu selections months in advance. I already bristle at having to make ADRs 100+ days in advance. Enough is enough with the pre-planning!