10/28-11/3 First Timer report

Trip consisted of DW, DS4, and myself. First Trip. Stayed at Pop Century. Filled out room request for 9136 and online checking for 80’s or 90’s. Got Room 2459. Arrived on Spirit Airlines on time and waited about 20 minutes for DME that took us straight to Pop. Dropped our things off, picked up Amazon Prime Now order and stroller then caught the bus to MK and then rode the boat to Poly for our 'Ohana ADR. 'Ohana was great and loved the vibe of Poly. after dinner caught the monorail back to MK then bus to Pop for bed.

Sunday 10/29
Up early for RD at MK. DS4’s face at the opening show when Mickey came out was priceless. DS4 loved Buzz. did ETWB. was underwhelmed. Was fun, just didn’t think it was worth a long wait. had FPP for 7DMT, was great! Rode SM, was fun but for sure seemed to be showing its age. had a brunch ADR for Chef Mickey. Food was meh. but who goes here for the food? Spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around MK until 7 then headed out and back to Pop.

Monday 10/30
Early again for RD at AK. headed straight for KS since we didn’t have FPP for it during the trip. walked right on and had a wonderful safari. Then went back and signed DS4 up for Wilderness Explorers. He loved this activity and learned so much. Really loved this. had a FPP for FOP. Hype is real, but still can’t see wasting 2+ hours of park time waiting. Ended up scoring a second FPP for FOP at the 337 drop. DS4 didn’t want to ride so I took his MB with me and took some poor soul from the standby line with me. also caught festival of the lion king, this was probably the best show IMO of the entire trip. DS4 can’t stop talking about the dig site. Dinner at Tusker House. slightly better food than Chef Mickey, but once again, who comes here for the food? Finished the evening with ROL.

Tuesday 10/31
Wash and repeat, RD at Epcot. due to Irma we had FPP for both Soarin’ and FEA. so we went straight for TT. DS4 didn’t want to ride so I hopped in Single rider and had the joy of riding in an empty car! For sure saving that picture. DS4 rode Mission Space: Green 4 times. He loved this ride and Soarin’. We put FEA in the same class as FOP in regards to not being worth the lost park time. World Showcase is amazing and impressive. DS4 didn’t think so much. Dinner at Coral Reef. Good food. DS4 loved watching the aquarium. finished the night up with Illuminations. was able to make 5th selection FPP for it. viewing was awesome. the show was spectacular.

Wednesday 11/1
EMH at MK. Rode Buzz 2 times in a row . even with EMH 7dmt line was stupid long did Pirates and some other stuff, then lunch at BOG. food was great. went back to Pop for a LONG nap and then back over to MK around 4 for MNSSHP. Rode Buzz again then headed over to wait in line for Moana. After about 90 minutes in line we were off and did some trick or treating. Wife went and staked out spots on Main Street while DS4 and I went and did some more trick or treating and rode People Mover. Then headed over for the parade. The parade was amazing! After the parade we headed up to the Hub for fireworks. about 5 minutes in to the Hallowishes DS4 fell asleep. After Hallowishes we headed up to meet Belle and Gaston. DW and DS4 waited in line and I headed over to 7DMT for a 25 minute wait. 7DMT is awesome at night. Headed out around 1145 and back to Pop

Thursday 11/2
Slept in and made it to AK around 10. did the Nemo show and It’s tough to be a bug followed by Everest and NRJ, NRJ is the biggest waste of time IMO for stand by. rode KS twice more. then once it got dark out his Everest again. Requested front seat. and it was worth it. the view from the broken tracks was spectacular. Epcot, Tower of Terror. and someother things i was not sure of. then headed out during ROL and back to our room to pack.

Friday 11/3
Dropped bags off at Bell service and over to EMH at Hollywood Studios. DW and DS4 headed for TSM! and I made a bee line for TOT and RnRC. both were great! then we met up at Launch bay and DS4 and DW went to meet BB-8 while I headed for Chewie. then we all headed over to Star Tour. and walked on twice. then to watch the March and then to lunch at 50’s Prime Time. This was great! after we went and did TSM! and then DW headed for RnRC while DS4 and myself headed back over to Star Tours and rode 2 more times. after this it was time to head back to Pop for our trip back to MCO.

MCO security is terrible, so terrible that it makes us reconsider a trip to Orlando in the future. the lines are terrible and the agents were rude and disrespectful.

We had a really great trip!


Really enjoyed your trip update! Curious to hear how you would rate ROL compared to the other night-time shows. We have only seen the Wishes and are looking forward to seeing Happily Ever After and Illuminations on our upcoming trip. I’ve heard mixed review about ROL. Thoughts? Also, could you share more about your son’s experience with Wilderness Explorers? I have a 6, 8, and 11 year old and am thinking about doing this with them this time around.

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ROL was neat. But it’s 3rd out of the 3 shows we watched.

  1. Illumination

Wilderness explorers was great. You get a booklet and work on collecting 32 different badges(stickers) by visiting different educational stations throughout the park. The CM’s doing this were great and I feel our son learned a lot. I witnessed kids into their preteens doing this.

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Thank you so much for the additional info!

Thanks for posting. I love reading trip reports! Sounds like you guys did a lot!

Great report. Did your son ride FoP at all? If so did he like it? Going in June with DD5 and wondering how others in that age range react.

DS4 did not ride FOP. I think had we been to epcot before and rode soarin prior to FOP he would have been willing to ride FOP. He loved soarin.

Does the 337 fast pass drop really exist then? I did read of two occasions throughout the day when this happens but can’t remember the time. So you looked at your phone at that time and…success?

When we were there on Monday this worked at 337. When we were there on Thursday it did not.

Interesting thank you

Would he have been tall enough for FOP?

FOP is 44" height requirement, he’s a little over 45". He could have rode, but said he didn’t want to so we didn’t push him.