1 year old on cruise?

We are considering taking a 4 night cruise on the Disney Dream following 3 nights at WDW with our DD7 and DS1 (almost 2). Does anyone have any experience taking a child this young? I know he will not be able to swim in the pools without being potty trained, but the splash area looks nice. It seems like there will be enough to keep busy, but I am still hesitant.

We waited until DS was 4 before we went, but only because we didn’t want to pay for the child care when we wanted a quiet dinner one night (turned out to be 2 nights because he preferred eating in the club, lol).

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The cool thing about the cruise is that is CAN be restful a bit. However at that age - you have to pay for daycare. Once they are older and can go in the kids area - you can leave them in there as long as you wish and they will still be disappointed when you come and get them. We have taken very small children to the park - but I would wait on the cruise as that is when you can take advantage of some well deserved mom / dad time.

The kids clubs are beyond awesome. The activities are fantastic and the staff is exceptional. You can even drop the kiddies off and they will feed them if you have dinner reservations.

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There is plenty to do!! Our son was 2 and loved it! We tried the splash pad but he generally didn’t care. Was much more interested in seeing characters, eating, walking around, etc. he was great during the shows too! A HUGE plus for us was always being 2 minutes from your room. We didn’t even take a stroller (though we did see them). I am guessing you will get to visit castaway cay-- they will get a whole day of water fun! Now on the flip side we are headed to WDW and I’m worried about being in a park and being so far way from the room!! I am sure I will end up packing quite the day bag!! Do not worry one bit about entertaining a little one on a cruise!

I might add I was not loving the nursery on our cruise-- the only aspect I left negative feedback about. Don’t worry about cost… $9/hr is nothing, my little guy cried and cried…so after 10 minutes they had us pick him up. I had a niece on the cruise so I ended up just paying her to watch him instead. If your kiddo can transition to new people that would be helpful. My little guy is really apprehensive in new situations and since his sister was in the club the nursery didn’t work for us-- but you know your child and how they will react :slight_smile: I can say the mimosa at Palo was great…unfortunately that’s all I tried as I was called to get my son.

The staterooms walls are tissue thin so if you have a infant who isn’t sleeping through the night, you will have unhappy neighbors.