1 room Poly vs 2 room Moderate?

Hi everyone, this is my very first forum post. Hopefully I’m doing this right and putting it in the right spot :slight_smile:
Need some advise for experienced on-site people. This is our first trip planned on site. Big one to celebrate beating cancer, and our anniversary.

We currently have Poly booked…club level, 5 day tickets, Genie plus. Booked for 4 nights then moving off-site for 5 nights. I have two kids (7 and 12 at date of travel) who NEED their own space to sleep in. Poly has pool/marina view which would have 2 queens and a day bed. Then I figured why not go club level. We’re going in August so if the weather is just awful it would give us another area to escape to that’s not our room.

My heart loves our current plan. Poly looks amazing, kids will love the beach. We’re planning two days of MK which is why the monorail resort appealed to me. Both kids have anxiety issues so watching fireworks in MK is out; being at the poly to watch on the beach (and then walk straight to our room with no fuss over transportation) seems ideal.

My husband is pushing that we just stay off-site the entire stay. This to me makes it more of a regular trip for us, we’ve never stayed at the resort and I was really hoping to try it.

The alternative I’m playing around with is we could book TWO royal guest rooms at riverside for 4 nights, 5 day tickets with genie + AND park hopper, and this is essentially the same price as the one room club at Poly.

So overall budget is the same, husband is thinking it would be nice if everyone had a bit more space and wondering if Poly is really worth it. Since I haven’t stayed at any of these, looking for a 3rd party perspective. Royal guest rooms look lovely, just wondering if having the extra room is really worth losing all the conveniences Poly has to offer.

What would you do?

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It’s actually your 8th forum post! Welcome back. What a fabulous reason for a trip. I can’t help but I’m sure you’re going to have a great time either way.


Poly club level is really wonderful and I would be reluctant to give that up.

That said, I’m the kind of person who has very little luxury at home and I definetly like my vacations to be “extra” in that sense.

The closeness to Magic Kingdom, the amenities, the relaxed vibe of Poly really just beat 2 rooms at a moderate imo. I don’t loathe off-site, so I can’t offer any advise on that front.

Another thing I will say is that I’ve you stay deluxe it gets VERY difficult to slide down to a moderate or a value. If this is a big “one and done” trip that may or may not matter as much.

Edited to add: If this is a dream of yours, you might not ever get the chance again. Life has a tendency of getting in the way :grin:


Remember this is not a true beach but Cornado & Caribbean also have ‘beach’ areas to hang out on.

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I guess I should paraphrase, and say, Kids will love the SAND. Good to know there are other options for that though!


Ok I missed this part the first time.

You MORE than deserve a posh stay at Poly Club Level.


I’ve never stayed at either, but I would do totally do club level Poly before riverside.

Deluxe resorts are so relaxing and have amenities that no others have, like the Extra Hours on selected nights and valet parking.



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for a fee, right? not free?

For a fee if not handicapped….

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I say go for the Poly.

I would also suggest starting offsite and finishing up at the Poly, unless you have specific reasons for doing it the other way round.


Two reasons! If we all feel like killing each-other after living in the same room, the second resort will be more spread out and we can salvage things lol. Main reason really though is so we can book the tickets as part of a package in case we need to cancel. Tickets would have to be purchased separately if we did the Poly second.


I tried to respond to Nickysyme but it responded to ninjasherrie instead. I’m not good at this forum thing :slight_smile: Reasons for Poly first is below (or above, or wherever the forum moves this message!)


Poly is a near impossibility for my family of 4 for the very reason you state - we need more space than a single hotel room or studio can offer.

I’d go for the space, and I love Poly something fierce.

I don’t see that detail?

If that’s the case, stay at Poly!

Deleted my post bc I think I misread. OP said one bedroom club at the Poly and I was thinking suite but upon rereading I think I was wrong.

I feel like this is what I needed to read, to just keep it. It’s very rare we “treat ourselves” on vacation (actually, it’s very rare that we GO on vacation). Life has gotten in the way too much in the past!

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I totally get it - and as parents our wants/needs/dreams always get pushed to the end of the line. Beating cancer is a big deal and I don’t think that should get pushed to the back of the line.

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Needing more space than 1 hotel room provides for 4 people was our deciding factor to start staying offsite in a condo 2 trips ago, so I completely get that. However, IF your kids will share a bed (mine have refused since the oldest was about 12, both boys), I would definitely keep the Poly reservation before 2 rooms at a moderate. Why? Because that refusal to share space is NOT going to get any better as they get older, and this might be your last chance! (Plus, the reasons you have to celebrate are HUGE and you deserve it!).


Just throwing out another idea… what about renting points at another deluxe resort and staying in a one bedroom, which gives you more room and a kitchen and forgoing club level to account for the price difference?