1 June what's your countdown today?


Morning everyone

I'm at 521 - seems a very long way off!

I have OKW booked, but no flights yet - need to wait until we are within the 12 month
window I think.


Hi, I am at 162 today. I looked on TP and saw their room recommendation and requested one of them. It will be my first F & W. We are staying at BC.


Beach club sounds like a great choice for F & W - I'd love to stay there sometime.


25 to Disney but only 18 till we leave!


We booked our flights as soon as they were released at the 11 month mark. @Ellen1976 haven't seen a better deal since. So glad we got them when we did.


18 days till you BUY ALL THE THINGS and EAT ALL THE CLASSY EATS that NYC has to offer!!!!


Squueeeeee! have been sorting the carry on bag tonight.
All of my restaurants are booked. Yay!


That's what I'm planning on doing. Think it'll work out well in that I will have to pay for flights up front, so I've got about 6 months to save for them, and then the Disney package doesn't have to be paid until Sep 2016 - should be able to do that comfortably, rather than by skin of our teeth (which is what usually happens!). I've never done it this way before - usually get it all together.


It has been quite good to spread out all the payments. Everything is paid for now except fot two hotels which don't need to be paid until we are there.
I'll do one last spending money transfer onto our travel cards next week and were set.


Also stalk seat guru to choose your seats early. There's two seats on the a380 which is what we fly on that don't have a seat in front but aren't exit row seats. I nabbed those for dh for each long haul leg because we booked so early.


82 till a maybe day trip with ds5 for my bday (if I can talk dh into staying home with Ye baby! wink ) and 123 to our one night only stay for our third mnsshp!!! We are staying at AKL for the first time... Very excited!


Oh I love AKL - only been for dinner at Boma a couple of times and a look around, but would LOVE to stay there.


Around 517ish... I think lol. We can't even book this early out so no real idea yet for specific dates.


Well, as long as we have some cross over days - you need to come see us all run remember!!


I'm hoping Virgin will be flying the Dreamliners out of Manchester to Orlando by Nov 2016!


Friends of ours flew the United Dreamliner last year to LA. said they were great. Virgin are still flying 747s from here.


They look really cool. Still 747s for the most part here too, but they are starting to switch.


133! Planning to buy our MNSSHP tickets sometime this month! blush


We have been trying a "new" resort each year for mnsshp since my APs expired,... Hahaha! Tried WL last mnsshp and really loved it! We are on our way to trying every resort... Just don't tell dh hahaha smile have a great week!


Sounds great - don't worry your secret is safe with us!