1 DDP TS credit dinner suggestions please

I need to book one more TS for our trip at the end of October/beginning of November. We're not particularly adventurous with our food choices and with not much time until we go I obviously won't be able to book something super popular. Party is DH, DD7, DS4 and myself. We already have the following restaurants CP, Akershus, TH, H&V, sci fi, CRT, TRex, via Napoli, HDDR, garden grill and mama melroses. Tempted to do b&c OOP as well, but where would you suggest for dinner? Can be in or out of parks. Thank you

1900 Park Fair is a good buffet diner is with Cinderella, Prince charming, her sisters, and her step mother.

I have heard a lot of good for Whispering Canyon
There is also Chef Mickey

I know you said you weren't adventurous, but...
Bongo's in DTD West side - Cuban food, I enjoythis spot
Saana has a lot of good recommendations if you enjoy Indian Food

If you are going to be near DTD, I recommend Raglan Road. If you're going to be in the parks, Whispering Canyon is a lot of fun. We went there last trip for the first time, and will be going back next trip.

Chef mickey

I really like Boma - it has a lovely mix of slightly more interesting stuff (but nothing super adventurous) along with more plain stuff too. The puddings were great - I must have eaten about 10 zebra domes.

Thanks for these suggestions. I will take a look at their availability.

Ohana, 50s prime time and another vote for 1900.

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My DD loves Teppan Edo at Epcot. She is 5 now, but we've been taking her since she was 2. She loves the show, cooking the meal. The menu is pretty straight forward, choice of beef, chicken, or seafood, served with fried rice and vegetables all done on the grill in front of you.


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I loved Boma and Sanaa (though they are pretty adventurous), Akershus for lunch (chicken sandwich, not the meatball thing), and Yak and Yeti in AK.

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