1 Day TP for US and IOA


We are staying at Beach Club and plan is to visit US/IOA for 1 day, not a full day since we have dinner plans at CG later. I have published our TP for our one day at the parks, Going is family of 4, DD8 DS11 DW and myself. The kids are not that adventurous with thrill rides but Dad and mom are.

The plan is in 2 parts



Several things pop out at me.

  1. If you will travel between parks via HE, you don’t need to take a round-trip journey early in the morning. Instead, put HE as the last step before your break and evaluate instead of optimize the plan. Then do the same thing with your IOA plan and remove the earlier round-trip journey. Each time, indicate you are arriving via HE, not the main entrance.

  2. 30 minutes will most likely not be enough time to block out for Leaky Cauldron. There is usually at least some wait and you probably want to eat, not inhale, your food.

  3. If you are done in IOA around 2, is there a reason your second part of the USF plan doesn’t start again until 4?

  4. Your Diagon Alley time is AFTER the park closes. If you do, indeed, want time to tour DA, you will need to tweak this. Or, you can use the time gap mentioned above to tour DA.

  5. I haven’t eaten there, but I doubt 45 minutes is enough for Mythos, as it is a table service restaurant.

  6. This looks like a full day to me. What time did you need to leave?