1-Day Park to Park Plan - Don't Understand

I made a copy of the 1-Day Park-Park plans Parts 1 and 2. I took out the attractions/shows that we don’t want to see, added a few others and then optimized (part 1). It tells us to take Hogwart’s Express to IOA around 9:15 a.m… Then I opened up part 2, entered our ‘arrival’ time, added/deleted, optimized, and it has us going back to US around 1:45 to continue our plans there. When I go back to my Part 1, I am unable to change what it shows for our return time (which is 9:24 a.m.).

Do we just do the attractions that still remain on our US TP even though the times are off by more than 4 hours?

Also, it shows that the parade is at 5:00 but that is also the time the park closes. Do they just shuffle people out the door once it is over?

And lastly, IOA is open until 8:00 but it has us leaving that park at 1:45. Why all the wasted park hours?

Thanks for your help. I have been starring at TPs for too long and now none of this makes sense :frowning:

Can you post a link to the plan for us? Sometimes that helps find the issue.

I believe that you have to put in a ‘break’ in Part 1 to cover the time that you are in the other park, or else it assumes that you are returning right away on the HE.


This is just one that I’m playing with. I’m confused why is has the r/t via Hogwarts #9 and #10 but my break to leave the park is #5. I am unable to change it so that the break starts when we jump on the train but I do see that finally it is taking 300 minutes out of our day at US even though it doesn’t show us on Hogwart’s until AFTER our break…

This is crazy. I started a brand new ‘Fresh’ plan and now it shows that the parade is at 3:00. On all of my other TPs, it is showing 5:00. Did someone just update the system to reflect the earlier time or have I completely lost my mind :scream:

You need to go into Basic Info and ‘share’ the plan so that we can see it. Also, you need to post the shareable link to the plan, not the URL that you use.

Oops, just learned something else new:


OK, the problem here is that the Optimizer does not “know” that you want to take the HE when you start your break. What you need to do is delete everything after Transformers except for HE to IOA and then click on Evaluate. next you make sure that the start time for Part 2 lines up with finish time of Part 1 and re-Optimize it if necessary. Then you need to create a third plan that has all the stuff that you deleted from Part 1; set the start time based on your return HE trip from Part 2 and then Optimize it.

Okay, will try that when I get back home. My kiddos are in the Homecoming Parade :smile:

Thank you for your help. I will let you know how it turns out.

It has actually turned out to be a 4 Part plan. Couldn’t fit everything in over at IOA so have to return there after US closes.

Thanks for helping me out with this. I appreciate it!