1 day and counting

Grateful to have found this Liner world. You’ve all helped me plan our first trip and we arrive tomorrow.

Very excited to experience this wonderful magical place!! I’ll be sure to post a follow up and let you know how all the FPP’s and ADR’s, RD’s and PPO’s went!!!

Florida here we come!!


Have a magical time!

Yay!!! We arrive tomorrow morning as well, if you see a ridiculous girl with VERY sparkly shoes, say hi! Just me and DH this trip. I tend to wear big hats, dresses and crystal encrusted shoes.

We start at MK tomorrow, have 10:40 BOG! Flying out on the red eye tonight.


Have fun!!!

Have a magical adventure!

Whee!!! Have a fabulous time!!

I can’t wait till I hit that point. I have 31 more days. I’ve been tweeking my ADR’s. I think I finally have it to a point I am completely satisfied. Have a magical time. Can’t wait to see your trip report.