1 Day, 2 Parks, Teens only

Hello all you Universal experts,

I’ve made TPs for my two teen boys (18 and 14) at USF and IOA. Got all the Potter and thrill rides they want in the plans.
CL 7 at USF; CL 9 at IOA.

We have tons of experience with WDW and TPs, but have never been to Universal.
The Uni TPs seem WAY overly optimistic:
12 min wait at Gringott’s at 10:30am?
15 min wait at MiB at 11:15am?
6 min wait at Dragon Challenge at 6:30pm?
13 min wait at Forbidden Journey at 8:00pm?


At WDW I trust the TPs utterly and completely. They have never steered us wrong!
Shall I do the same for Universal? Or…not so much?

The goal of the day is for two brothers to race through the two parks, riding the most thrilling and most Potter-esque rides from 9am entry to 10pm close. They have zero interest in shows, side performances, or resting. They promise to use sunscreen and drink lots of water, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Due to most liners using exp pass or single rider lines there is very little data submitted for tp. I suggest you track wait times manually via both tp ap and universals own app to give you an idea. A 10 at uni has similar wait times as a 7 at wdw in my opinion. Also parks are pretty quiet until about 11 most days. Your FJ time is correct and dragon wont be too long.Gringotts will be quite a bit longer and MIB prob 30 but if they use single rider then 5 mins.
The wwohp becomes very quiet after 6/7 pm.
You haven’t said your dates but Hulk and Kong will have big impacts. Single rider will be their friend. RRR DM and Simpsons are the rides with biggest wait times some days.

Thank you so much! That is immensely helpful.
I think they will be there while Hulk is still closed and before Kong opens, for better or for worse. I kind of hope the annual-pass people won’t come during that time! :slight_smile:

Are you staying on site at Universal? If so what hotel. You get unlimited front of the line access and I found putting together a Tp fully unnecessary.

Hi davidtyost,
No, we are staying off property. Big family. Much cheaper rooms elsewhere!
Would love that extra hour, but…can’t do it!

Fully understandable.