1 Day, 2 Parks, Early Admission to IOA and Express Passes. TP Help, Please?

Hello All,
I apologize in advance if this is already covered, but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a TP for the above criteria. We’re visiting the park next week and nothing brings me more joy than entering with a strong TP game. Thanks so much for your help!

Have you subscribed to the universal part of the site it costs about an extra $4 to add it https://touringplans.com/islands-of-adventure/touring-plans links to tp are from this page. You need to make 2 plans 1 for each park. They are linked at the top. If you have exp pass don’t bother with a tp. just hit early entry park do wwohp then hop on hog exp at 9 do wwohp then wander and hop back around 2. Just do the rides as you come to them. exp pass rides that will have queues are Dispicable me and RRR.

Thank you SO much! Yes, I have subscribed and crafted my plans. But I thought I was missing something. Your advice really helps. Thanks again!

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From one Crazy A type hyper planner to another. Per the title of your post - I assume you are staying on site and will have both early admission and the Express pass - if correct - DO NOT PLAN!!!

Kick back and just ENJOY (with the following suggestions)

If you have a bag - send someone to the lockers ahead and then met at the entrance together. Hit the ride(s) there that don’t have Express pass. Ride 2 / 3 /4 times if there is no line. Then ENJOY HP area - and just meander

Then hit the rest of the park(s). If you like a ride - hit it again.

Do all the water rides - you won’t get wet - you will get SOAKED!!! Do these all together and then head back to the hotel to change or whatever.

Eat at Mythos (it is sit down, not expensive and a nice rest from the day).

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the early entry and express pass and DON’T PLAN - I know you will go nuts (as I did) but it is awesome to not have to plan and just go with it a bit.

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LOL! I LOVE that you were able to quickly identify my Type A hyper planner personality. You are correct! :wink:

It started with our first Disney family vaca 10 years ago when I figured out how to work that Fast Pass system (Thanks to TP). Now, the idea of entering a park without a plan seems unthinkable!!! :smile:

But your advice really helps. So I’m going to go with that ‘plan’.

Thanks so much!!! You totally made my day!

By default ANYONE on this board suffers the same condition - and I am SURE you are mocked by Family and Friends (as you pass them while they are waiting in the LONG line!!!)

But in all seriousness the WONDERFUL thing about US is that if you have the express pass and early entry your need for planning is limited.

YES you still need to have some level of a plan - but there is so much more flexibility. You will certainly have some lines - and sometimes with kids - they don’t get that you can come back later.

Have fun!!!

How did you know?!!? :joy:

Yes, my family always needs a ‘vacation’ after our Disney ‘trips’. :slight_smile:

But when you have limited time in the park, it’s important to make the most of every minute. We like to joke we’re touring “VIP Style” when we walk past others in line.

I really wish Disney hadn’t changed their Fast Pass system. I was REALLY good at the old one and would happily run all over the park like a maniac collecting Fast Passes to avoid as many lines as possible. I’m not quite as smooth at the new one. And this is only our second visit to Universal, so I have a lot to learn there, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! :wink:

I have to say, I am a total hyper planner as well. In fact, I am sure that my Disney planning is on par with old NASA launches. I’m going to Universal in October, and even though I am staying on site with Express passes and will be there for four days, I still make touring plans because making them and doing all that prep work makes me happy. However, as with my last trip to Universal, I know full well that I will get there and essentially throw the plans out the window because I won’t really need them. It is an incredible feeling!

We are planning a trip to London right now - and I am sure the level of planning I am doing is well above the norm. However I just like to be informed. We can basically do whatever - but I want to know my options!!