1 Day - 2 Park - Universal Express Unlimited

I was on their website today to purchase the 1 Day / 2 Park Universal Express Unlimited ticket (website price of $250USD) but I am going in July. When I was asked to chose a specific date in July, the entire month was blocked out as stating tickets were no longer available.

Is this possible? Can they already be sold out for the month of July? Or have they just not yet made them available?

Any insight you can provide would be helpful.


Can you link to what you are looking at? Usually I have always bought the ticket and then have the ability to add an express pass as well. I have always waited to buy the express pass in the parks after I determine if I need it, but they have been two different things?

Here is the link to the ticket page when I get to the point to choose dates…they are all shaded in Blue, which means not available. Strange…

I think I just figured out the problem. I was looking at a special that Universal Orlando has on their site for a 1 day ticket to both parks including unlimited Universal Express option included. When I went to choose the dates, that’s where it shows nothing available in July…meaning the special pricing for that ticket is not offered. So that means I have to pay full price, which ends up being $360USD per ticket for one day!

That’s insane…

Any tips on being able to find cheaper tickets?

I would just buy the ticket without the express pass.


I agree with @PrincipalTinker. You can always buy the Express Pass the day of if you feel you need it. No reason to shell out all that money now if it turns out the EP won’t be necessary!

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