1 day/ 2 park touring plan w/o EP

Planning a trip in early February on a day when the crowd level is 2/10. I’m working on a TP starting in IOA and at 12:30 moving to US.

  1. After optimizing, the plan takes me to DA and Gringotts at around 2:30 PM, showing a waiting time of 1 minute for Gringotts…
    This is so contrary to whatever anyone else is saying on the different blogs, forums and sites (I.e. That we either start or finish the day with Harty Potter), that I want to make sure it’s not a mistake.

  2. I tried the TP with EP and without and there seems not to be too much of a difference. I was very surprised here too.

Would appreciate any thoughts/ comments.

Personally, that sounds like a glitch to me. Even on low attendance days, I would expect more than a one minute wait. Do note that adding EP on this ride will not make a difference, as this ride does not currently accept EP. My suggestion would be to email the webmaster with a link to the plan and let them see if they can figure it out.

Sorry for the stupid question but wharves the e mail address for the webmaster?:smirk:

I believe it is webmaster@touringplans.com.