1 bed GFV Aug coming available

So, I’ve bitten the bullet and accepted we won’t be coming to WDW this year. The UK - US air corridor isn’t looking like it’ll be open until at least September, so it’s next year for us. :unamused: At least all the changes should have settled down by then…

Anyway, I’m posting this just in case anyone is waiting for a slot at GF which is waitlist only. I have no idea how long cancellations take to show up as available again, or if they go to people on the waitlist first, but just in case it helps any fellow liners I will cancel my DVC at exactly 4pm UK time on Sunday 4th July.

That will release a 1 bed villa, lake view, from 8th Aug to 30th Aug. Hopefully someone else can jump in and benefit :smiley:


I am so sorry you have to cancel.


That really stinks! I hope you are able to bank your points for an even more epic stay when we finally open up.

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