1/7/2019 - My FPP reservation day story

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone who assists with these boards. It helped me out quite a bit getting ready for my FPP day which was this morning (1/7/20).

So I’m up early, work out, get ready for work, and the kids are still sleeping. The time is now 5:58 central. My wife has my ranked fast pass list with key dates, times, and backups.

Alright, the window opens! I start a reservation… and the Disney system is completely down. I try furiously to refresh and still nothing. It’s 6:05. Light is flashing before my eyes. Then all of a sudden it starts working again. I got a fast pass for every ride we wanted as well as most of the preferred times. The times for SDD and FOP would have been better if not for the issues.

Below were my targets and results:


You got unlucky, Tuesday seems to be maintenance day for the Disney website, so it’s almost always dead bang on fastpass time. I’m gonna have exactly the same issue in 3 weeks I reckon.

On the plus side, if it’s dead for you, it’s probably dead for everyone, so you probably wouldn’t have gotten much better times for FOP if you had gotten on dead on 7


This. I had the same issue on a Tuesday morning and called technical support. They said the issue was effecting all users.


Here’s the list. Apologies I couldn’t get it formatted pretty.


Oh mannnn!!! My FP Day is a Tuesday! While this fact about maintenance day being on a Tuesday sucks for me, knowing about it is a blessing! It will help keep me a smidge more calm when I’m sure to be super stressed.

Don’t Panic! Tuesdays can be a hassle, but it works out. My best advice is to wait until 7:02am EST before you try. The system with all of it’s updates & etc… gets overwhelmed with so many people refreshing their browsers as early as 6:50am EST - thinking they can get in “early” or something.

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That was me for sure. :sweat_smile:

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Love the spreadsheet. It looks a lot like mine. A+ organization.

How did you get 4 fast passes for Epcot??

We had 8 people in our group. In one case we split it 4 people doing 1 ride and 4 doing another.