1.5 Days in MK - EMH & reservations - how to divide park?

Hi! I’m planning a trip for 10, ages 3-60, for this fall. I’ve used the personalized tours for all the other parks, but can’t figure out how to divide up MK. On our first day (full day) in the park we have CRT reservations at 9:10, so I’m assuming we wont start our tour until after 10am. We also plan to take a nap break mid-day after our 2:20 BOG reservations. For our second day (half day), we plan to utilize the morning EMH. We want to do pretty much everything, but avoid running the 3-6 yr. olds back and forth across the park.

Any suggestions? Should we divide the park up? Best use of EMH? Where to start at 10am? What rides to do at night?

Some additional information would be helpful
Is this your first visit?
What are your must-do attractions?
Will everyone be taking the mid-day break?
Are you willing to divide your party into multiple groups?
Have you looked up the anticipated park operating hours for your specific dates?
Does your visit overlap Mickey’s Not So Scary party?

Plus anything else you wish to share.

Also, when do you want to finish in the park on the half day?
Are you planning to close the night down with HEA at the end of the whole day?
And what days of your trip are these? Meaning day 1 and 2; 1 and 5 etc.

Because if you can get FPs for the likes of 7dmt and PP, then you have more flexibility. But if you are doing MK on day 1 and 2 you may have less choice on FP times.

Normally I would say do Tomorrowland and Fantasyland on the EMH day, using FPs for the FL (say 7dmt, PP and ETWB) and rope dropping Tomorrowland. But at that age the kids will be clamouring for Fantasyland on day 1 and 2!

So perhaps FPs for FL after breakfast, then onto HM, JC and POTC with further FPs if possible.

Then for the EMH day, do TL first, then FPs for Speedway and anything else that’s a must do for the little ones, whilst the others do Splash and BTMR.

Also just to point out you’ll miss the parade with your timings.