1/2 day ticket for late arrival?

I’m planning a short trip late summer 2015 and would like to try and spend a couple hours the evening we arrive. We could be at MK at 8:00 p.m. and it closes at 11:00–three hours of fun to kick it off but $100 for that is crazy.

Does Disney sell a discounted ticket at the window for late day arrivals?


Disney doesn’t sell half day tickets, but when you buy multi-day tickets you don’t pay $100/day for each additional day. Actually, the more days you add the last the cost per day turns out to be. So, if you were planning to stay for three days, then adding a fourth day to your tickets may only cost $20 more. Even if you have already purchased multi-day tickets, you can add extra days if you visit Guest Services at one of the parks.

Thanks, I checked and we’re only going for 2 days and the discount for the 3rd day isn’t enough to warrant buying it for 3 hours of park time. Guess we’ll just have to suffer with only two days :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice.

Interesting, I never looked that closely at the prices for 2 day tickets, but you’re right that the price of a 3 day ticket is considerably more. After 3 days, the price of adding additional days becomes considerably less.

You could still visit one of the monorail resorts and watch the evening fireworks if you wanted a little Disney fix!

Unless I have an AP, I never go into the parks on arrival or departure day. I take the time to either relax in my own resort (and recover from the 8 hour drive) or I go to one of the other resort areas for a nice dinner and some strolling around.

[quote=“bswan26, post:5, topic:8435”]
Unless I have an AP, I never go into the parks on arrival or departure day[/quote]

I’ve had an AP for a couple years now, but before that always wanted to get into the parks as soon as possible. At the very least, seeing Illuminations or Wishes to cap off the day immediately puts me in a good mood. However, if it cost $80 extra for that time, then I might deal with watching the fireworks from one of the monorail resorts.

If you are attending a conference anywhere in the Disney area, you are eligible to purchase convention tickets directly from Disney. They have a “After 2 p.m. or After 4 p.m. Meeting/Convention Ticket”. The after 4pm ticket is $59.


Thanks Fiel!! I might be able to make that work!

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