1 1/2 day MK touring plan

I was hoping for some advice on touring on Sunday, November 26th and Wednesday the 29th of this year. My family of 5 (7,8,15)will be visiting the MK both days. I know the 26th is MVMCP so we’ll be leaving the park by 6 and plan on being there at rope drop. What is a good touring plan, with fast passes, for that day. I don’t believe my children will be interested in Space Miuntain or Thunder Railroad so I wouldn’t need FP for those. We’ll be returning on Wednesday for a full day in the park so I’m just wondering what would be the best plan of attack on Sunday. Thanks for any advice as this is our first trip tomDisney so we’re not concerned with rushing through but I would like to have a basic plan.

I think your best bet is to create a custom Touring Plan, selecting only the attractions you care about, telling it the hours you’ll be at the park, you’ll be able to figure out how many attractions you can fit in. If you have too many too fit into the day, be prepared to drop some less important ones. Once you have them all in, it will suggest to you which ones to get fast passes for.

You can review some of the pre-made Touring Plans here - https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/touring-plans
and find one that might fit your family. Or, as mentioned above, you can create your own just by selecting all the rides, shows, parades that you might wish to see and the Touring Plan will help to put them in order for you.

One thing I would consider - divide the park in sections and try to do everything in that area rather than zig-zagging around. You can adjust the Touring Plan to minimize walking, and I would definitely do this on your half-day for sure. Try to think about whether your family might have a favorite attraction or two and plan to ride them on both days. Since the 26th is a MVMCP day, you won’t see the castle Happily Ever After show that night (they will do Holiday Wishes for MVMCP guests instead), so definitely consider making sure you see HEA on the 29th date if it’s important to you.