1:00 Guardians VQ

Do I have to be in Epcot to grab a VQ at 1:00? Seems if that’s so the park hoppers kinda get left out. It isn’t the end of the world since we secured a LL but it’d be nice to be able to grab the 1:00 VQ. Thanks friends!

No you do not have to be inside the park. But I do think you might have had to tap in for the day already? You definitely have to have a park ressie for EP and that’s the thing that locks out hoppers.

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It’s often still available after 2. But you have to have tapped in.


all true: need EP APR and be tapped in.

Yeah that sucks…we are at AK but I wanted to grab the 1:00 VQ and hop to Epcot later today hoping to ride twice…I know I’m greedy…I did not have to be there for the 6:00 the other day for the late night drop.

You don’t need the APR. Hoppers can get it if it’s still available.


That’ll be iffy cause we have a 3:00 LL here for FOP. Needed a late start today…lol…this seems like something that should maybe be modified…we pay alot for the ability to hop…no issue with the Epcot folks having first dibs at 7:00 but they should throw hoppers a bone at 1:00…er what it er

Exactly, you just have to be inside Epcot.



I suppose you’d have first hand knowledge.

I guess they could get it after the hop though, right? Not from before?

If you can’t hop until 2pm you need a APR for EC to try for virtual que at 1

Yes, but @missoverexcited said that if it’s still available after you’re inside the park you can get it

I would assume she’d done this on her trip

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it MIGHT be available after 2… but many times the big voice says, “all spots for GotG have been filled” (1:13pm). I wouldn’t risk it.


It’s all good…we won’t be there by then…I was hoping it way a typo for the 1:00 drop…I saw the wording…that’s not how the 6:00 drop worked for deluxe guests…I was in HS when I got that

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I’m not suggesting it’s always available by 2, but sometimes it’s still available at 3. You never know. I definitely wouldn’t plan it as my only opportunity.


When have the LL for GOTG been selling out? Before park open to hotel guests or has it stayed available for off site purchases? I’d like to buy a LL on my AK day to hop over in the evening.

To try at 1pm, you’re correct.

But if there are spaces left after 2pm anyone can try. And many people have been successful in getting them that way.

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ILLs have often been available well after park opening time.


Thank you! I had assumed we wouldn’t get to ride but maybe there’s a chance.