09/25/18 AK & Tusker House

5 adults and a 4 yr old with a reservation for breakfast at 0920hrs. What time should we arrive and what FP should I book to get the best out of the day. Thankyou

I would think you should give yourselves about 90 minutes for the breakfast at TH. It takes extra time to meet all the characters. So your earliest FP should be about 11:00.
if you are planning the FP+s around the 4 year old, I think you should choose for this short list: Kilimanjaro Safaris, Meet Disney Pals, Na’vi River Journey, Finding Nemo, and Festival of the Lion King. However the last two usually do not really need a fastpass to get in.
Adults might prefer Avatar, Everest, and Tree of Life, none of which are good for a 4 year old IMHO.

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I would probably try to schedule the Safari at 10:30 with the thought that it is close to Tusker and I would rather walk on the safari than have to wait for my window to come up if breakfast finishes early. Basically if I’m done eating at 10:30 I can walk on rather than having to wait until 11. If my breakfast runs the full 90 I’ve still got 30 minutes (or really more given the grace period) to make it over to the safari before my FP window is up so it is unlikely that I might risk missing it…

Overall agree on the other FP suggestions, although I would also consider Kali River Rapids for a FPP depending on time of year (you need it in warm weather, it’s walk on if under 70). It depends a little on the 4 year old and if the group is OK getting wet, but there is no height limit and I know my son was fine on it at a young age. If the 4 year old is a thrill seeker, Dinosaur might be worthwhile, but it may also scar the kid for life if he’s not.

Would likely just stagger the other FPs at 1 hour intervals after the first…

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If the adults wanted to ride Avatar I would RD Navi and then go to breakfast. They typically let you in well before 9:00 currently. This is assuming you can get a FP for Avatar.

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