Touring Plans Questions or comments related to our Disneyland Touring Plans. If you are looking at the pre-programmed versions or are creating and optimizing your own, this is where to seek help or let your opinions be known. Deals, Sales, and Money Matters Everyone loves a deal! This category is where you can come to ask about existing deals, share a great find, or ask questions about cost, budget, or strategies to save money. Attractions and Fastpass This is the place for discussion about rides and shows. It is also where to ask questions about things like scare factors and wetness levels. Other Have you got questions or comments that just plain don't fit anywhere else? Put 'em here! Hotels and Lodging Use this category for all discussions about hotels and resorts. Onsite v. offsite, room selection, and which hotel to pick are all welcome here. Crowd Calendar Link: <a href="http://touringplans.com/disneyland-resort/crowd-calendar">Disneyland Crowd Calendar</a> Restaurants and Dining Have questions while making dining reservations? Wondering where to eat? Which bars and lounges are best? Questions about menus? This is the place.
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